Thursday, August 22, 2019

Developed country Essay Example for Free

Developed country Essay 1. In many countries schools have severe problems with students behaviour. What do you think are the causes for this? What solutions can you suggest? It is undeniable, that most problems with students in the school occur because of their behaviour. There are many cases that prove it and, of course, the majority will agree due to own experience. There are several causes of this problem and few measures that could be taken. To begin with, psychologists argue that reasons for all children’s problems are their parents. So the first and the main cause for the stated issue is bad upbringing. For example, give a child an excessive care and worry. It means that in school child feel like at home and require as much attention as at home. Moreover the student feel deprived if doesn’t recieve the attention and demand it with the help of bad behaviour. Next reason for bad student’s behaviour in many countries is separate education of boys and girls. Approaches to the education of two sexes vary a lot. For example, girls can easily ask a teacher for a help and see in him an ally, boys, in contrast, in the cases when they can’t deal with the problem, start to fool and disturb the lesson. Consequently, separate education and different approaches for both genderes can prevent problems with behaviour. Speaking about possible solutions, first of all, I can suggest the professional development of teachers. Inasmuch as in most cases teacher is able to deal with problems between students and to prevent a serious scandal. Secondly, separate education can help students to be more concentrated and teachers to develop successfuly the peculiarities of both genderes. In conclusion, it is clear that there are various reasons for student behaviour, and steps need to be taken to prevent and solve this problem in order every country has a great young generation. 2. Many universities charge higher fees for foreign students. Why do they do this? Do you believe it is fair? It is undeniable that nowadays many students decide to move to another country to get better education or just to get a 2 or 3 months practice in foreign university. It’s the fact that fees are higher for foreigners. To my mind, it’s fair, and I’ll provide some reasons for this phenomenon. To start with, often students, in particular, from poor areas, e. g. India, Africa, move to other countries to get higher education. So developed countries try to save balance of native students and set higher fees for foreigners. For example, Russia suffers from migrants from the near abroad, that is why in many russian regions, such as Lugansk, fees raised. Next reason is that foreign students bring monetary gain not only to a particular university, but also to a citys budget and a whole country. Universities upgrade their equipment, pay for utilities and so on. For instance, countries, in which are said to be many prestigious universities, such as America, England, Spain, Netherlands, have higher fees for foreign students, but demand for them increases every year. In my point of view, it’s fair, because every country should support its own students. If the difference between payments become low, people from poor regions will be able freely to migrate and it is said to be a great harm for economy of developed country and, moreover, to the economy of poor country, which lose its â€Å"brains†. In conclusion, it is clear that higher fees only support the economies of countries and prevent the unneccesary migration.

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