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The Second World War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The endorse World War - Essay ExampleWoodrow Wilson came up with 14 points and based on them, he formulated a treaty strong enough to spread peace in Europe if implemented. On the other hand, Georges Clemenceau wanted to take revenge from Germany. Lloyd George consented with Wilson but the people of Eng knock down felt kindred Clemenceau did, so George tried to find a middle way between Wilsons and Clemenceaus approach. Hitlers ActionsAfter becoming the Chancellor of Germany in 1933, Adolf Hitler started to on the Q.T. develop weapons and army in Germany. He expanded the German army in 1934, started to make struggleships, and developed airforce in Germany. Hitler then started confiscating land from the non-Germans. Countries that were demanded land from included Austria and Czechoslovakia. Expecting Poland to be the next country in the list, the governments of Britain and France resolved to take military action against Germany. On 1 September 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Ineffe ctiveness of the partnership of NationsThe League of Nations was established in the year 1919 as an international organization to sustain peace in the world. All countries were supposedly the members of this League. Dis fix upes would be resolved through communication rather than war. If a country showed non-conformance, she would be stopped trade with and if this did not work, war was inevitable. The League of Nations eventually failed for certain reasons.... These and many other factors caused the outbreak of the Second World War. Involvement of the US Foundations of the involvement of the US in the Second World War were laid with the invasion of Manchuria, china by Japan. In 1931, China was suffering from depression, which made it all the more easier for the Japanese to establish themselves in the Southern Manchuria. Russia was not content with the Japanese invasion of China, and so was the US since the US had good terms with Russia. In addition to that, the US had many politi cal and economic reasons to enter the Second World War including the export of weapons to countries. The War in Europe There was a lot of subjectivity created about the country that would dominate Europe after the First World War. The tremendous dislocations caused by the war laid the groundwork for the collapse of democratic institutions there and set the stage for a second German attempt at conquest (A apprise History). The German democratic regime was destroyed as a result of the spread of the Great Depression. Adolf Hitler strengthened the Nazi Party in 1933 and put an end to the parliamentary government. The Nazi government strengthened the armed forces in Germany and in an attempt to recover the German territories, overturned the Versailles Treaty. Hitlers policy was order at the expansion of Germans in the Eastern Europe. Soon Germany, Italy, and Japan became allies, facing Western democratic governments that wanted to avoid another war and the Soviet coupler whose Communi st government was widely distrusted (A Brief History). The War in the Pacific The timeline of events

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