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Humanities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 4

Humanities - Essay ExampleSt Augustine defines the original sin as the greatest manifestation of Mans congratulate and disloyalty to God and expresses the need for reunion with God through Christ. He believes that Grace is the manifestation of Gods work through good works that tender beings do. Therefore, he call(a)s for Christians to submit completely to God for salvation. An epitome of the St Augustines confessions depicts God as a supernatural being, to whom all compassionate beings should submit unconditionally.To begin with, St Augustine focused on the concept of the original sin that is crucial in the Christian. The original sin refers to the disobedience of ten and Eve in the garden of Aden. On this, Augustine state that Adams sin is transmitted by the hurtful desire of human beings (Hollingworth 13-25). In literary works, he notes that the original sin is a manifestation of human disobedience of God because of human pride. He explains that the original sin resulted to th e transformation of human beings, as the faced the consequences of their sins. Since Adam and Eve created nature through reproduction, it follows that all human beings carry the sin that their parents committed. This implies that all the descendants of Adam and Eve are born with the original sin. He uses a realistic approach to points emerge since the first parents are the root of humanity, then all those humanity inherited this sin from their parents. The belief that all humanity bears the original sin is widely recognised in the contemporary Christian community. Therefore, St Augustines conception of original sin in the medieval period has shaped modern Christianity.Next, St Augustine provides a detailed analysis of perceive grace and the way it affects the lives of Christians. He states that human beings lack the ability to do good or even respond to the will of God without his divine intervention. To Augustine, Grace is the ability of human beings to do good acts that are in a ccordance with the will of

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