Wednesday, August 7, 2019

I have to choose a topic pertaining to software security or security Research Paper

I have to choose a topic pertaining to software security or security when it comes to programming - Research Paper Example On the other hand, the majority of software development firms as well as individuals believes that implementing security related features of a software or software development entirely is a post development activity and it has nothing to do within the software development lifecycle. In this scenario, software companies and end-users have to face severe issues and threats because of unaddressed security and privacy based issues in their software development life cycles and ultimately in resulting products. Thus, these serious issues and challenges invite the researchers and technology experts to recognize or build more efficient and effective approaches for ensuring the secure software development process as well as secure software products. The basic purpose of this paper is to address some of the significant aspects associated with â€Å"secure software development†. This paper outlines some the important aspects and factors that can affect the software development process. T he scope of this paper also covers a discussion on the reasons that can cause various security based threats and issues within the software development process. ... In the past few years, software applications are more and more facing both internal and external threats. The result that could be derived from this statement is that the software applications are still being developed with development errors and issues that make them vulnerable to security threats. In fact, this as aspect has turned out to be more serious for the reason that majority of the business organizations, governments and individuals at the present heavily rely on these software applications in order to carry out their daily tasks. On the other hand, the condition turns out to be further critical when these software applications have to be used critical and serious operations such as atomic energy or medical systems. Seeing the importance of security of software applications or software development process, the majority of organizations throughout the world have started to pay more and more attention to improving the security of software applications. Given that customers (s uch as organizations) have practiced unsuccessful security breaches, therefore it has increased disturbance and awareness regarding software development (Devanbu & Stubblebine, 2000; Kumar, 2009; Davis, Humphrey, Redwine, & Zibulski, 2004). The research has shown that in order to develop secure software applications, software development firms should perform various activities such as they should study and adopt secure software development approaches as well as follow them all the way through the software development lifecycle. In their paper (Devanbu and Stubblebine) discuss a variety of security concerns and guidelines in order to improve the software development process. According to their viewpoint, software development firms should make sure that they consider security

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