Saturday, August 31, 2019

Food Essay Essay

Food not only distinguishes and represents a culture, but can also reflect ones personality, lifestyle, and socio-economic status. America is made up of every kind of culture, nationality, and custom. Because America is mainly composed of immigrants and descendants of immigrants, there is no real American cuisineâ‚ ¬? only Americanized cuisine and a multitude of cuisines taken from various cultures. The diversity that makes up american cuisine is as varied as the diversity that makes up America. Also, as there are many cuisines that make up  American cuisine, there are also many roles of food in American pop culture. From classifying gender and social status to providing fuel, satisfaction, and excuses, food affects people in many ways. Since I have come to college, I have learned to appreciate Korean food, which I have grown up eating. Korean food is part of the diverse group of cuisines that make up american cuisine. Although I enjoy almost every type of food, I am partial to Korean food, the cuisine of my native land. One of my two favorite dishes is mandu soon dubu, which is a spicy tofu soup with dumplings cooked in it. The other favorite is dwenjang jjigae, which is a somewhat salty bean curd stew with tofu and various vegetables cooked in it. I like spicy or salty foods, which may explain why these two foods are my favorite, and also why I like seafood so much. When I go to my home in Torrance, I eat Korean food every day. As a result, when I am at school, I crave Korean food even when it comes time to eat the delicious food at the dining halls. Korean food style is not restricted to Korean food, but can also be incorporated into other types of cuisine, such as Chinese food. From my observations, many Chinese restaurants are owned and run by Koreans, so the food is affected by Korean tastes. The dishes are made less greasy and spicier to fit the Korean taste. At these restaurants, onions with black bean paste, kim chi, and pickled radishes called dah-ggwang, are served as small appetizers. There are even Chinese dishes that started in Korea and are now served in Chinese restaurants owned by Koreans: jjam-bbong (a spicy seafood soup with noodles), and jja jjang myun (noodles in a black bean paste sauce with beef, cucumbers, and onions).

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