Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Advise Moet Chandon in the Chinese market Research Paper

Advise Moet Chandon in the Chinese market - Research Paper ExampleChina is at once the macrocosms fastest wine consumption country in the world. Some Prestigious French wine producing companies have already invested in Chinese vineyards. This shows that the French companies are interested in the growing Chinese market. peerless such French winery beau monde is Moet & Chandon. In todays world for a company to be successful they have to invest heavily in merchandise and formulate marketing strategy which would help them boost up the revenues. Chinas digital space has increased recently. Companies are trying to increase their presence in the Chinese market not only through and through regular marketing campaigns like in advertisement in TV, but they are looking beyond that like use of digital marketing. Digital marketing is essentially making use of electronic devices like tablets, computers, cell phones etc. which can capture more eyeballs in todays Digital environment. One major c omponent of digital marketing is Internet marketing. In this paper, the digital strategies will be focused which Moet & Chandon can take to run their business and likewise the opportunities and limitation of such strategies in the Chinese market (Shambaugh, 2013). The key objective of this study is to explore the Moet & Chandons potential in formulating a successful digital strategy for their wine business in the Chinese market. ... France is one of the top suppliers of bottled wine both in volume and in value. It basically dominates the premium discussion section of bottled wine. There has been a significant change in the behavior of Chinese consumer. They have become more affluent, more tech-savvy and they have more purchasing options than of all time before. Majority of the Chinese consumer has now started to regard the Internet as an integral part of their shopping. Now, they focus on value of the products as more importantly than the scathe they have to spend. They are happ ier to spend more bucks in exchange for brands which they can trust than purchasing large amount low priced products or services. It has been seen that the Chinese consumer favor French and foreign brands compare to lower priced domestic brands (Wertime and Fenwick, 2011). Due to huge accumulation of wealth and increasing spread of digitization in China, it makes this market an lovable one for both domestic as well as multinational companies. But with moderation of Chinas economic growth these companies must excessively change their strategies in the market. China is a huge market which will define consumer culture at global scale. So, for any effective marketing strategy, the company must first understand and embrace its lifestyle and desires (Holloman, 2013). In China wine drinking is considered as much more healthy compared to spirits and in like manner somewhat trendy and the popular choice being the red wine. In China Young urban business professionals consume the wine most at bars and hotels. The main cities of wine consumption are Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. The sell stores are now stocking up imported wines which increases their revenue as a result the retail sector is growing as a whole. On

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