Monday, May 13, 2019

Signal Role in Mission Command Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Signal Role in Mission Command - Research Paper Example march must be connected regularly to satellite-based communication. This means for effective command and control, force deployment can only if take place in the face proper information communication technologies developing in the world. The briny responsibility of the Signal Regiment is to ensure that the Army is successfully transformed into an information-technology period and new communication tools are being properly utilized. According to Rutt and Jette (2003), the increasing need for joint-service trading operations underscores the requirement for using communal audio, imagery and data signals and networks for all warfighters. The objective is a flawless global system where signals can be transferred between users safely and easily in a way understandable to the user (McGrath, 2006). The main organise of communications technology tools is to guarantee the commander and personnel continuous safe communications during o peration and on the front lines. To achieve this, the establishment of battle labs for emerging combat developments has made significant leaps on this front, specially in most developed countries such as the United States. Technology is known to change hurrying in communications and computerization than new innovation. In light of this, emerging technologies tend to be concentrate more than on the personnel such as swift prototyping and trials by soldiers in a concrete way. Satellite-based Communication A satellite-based signal transmission system for combat trucks is currently under evaluation. Lighter, petite, mobile and more effective systems are the impression for future battleground communications. Currently the trials are ongoing on attach Battle Command on-the-move systems powered by satellite communications that forget offer broadband signals and communications to a commander on the battlefield (Bullock, &Marshall, 2011). The technology will use lighter, undersized, a nd less costly tracks with technologies mount on it to improve communications for battle commands on the move. Nonetheless, the development of gadgets that will practically work in adverse combat environment is still a challenge to the manufacturers. Future signal transmissions will watch the placement of small satellite receivers on military trucks, especially those that are meant for command and control operations on the battlefields (McGrath, 2006). The main aim of these operations is to connect a large number of these trucks using satellites, so that the army can operate anyplace across the world with relative ease. Currently, physical barriers are an take on the battlegrounds, and as result commanders are forced to move closer to the frontline for effective communication (Rutt, & Jette, 2003). However, in future, commanders will have the capacity to establish several communication channels between them, and the lower-level personnel anywhere in the combat zones. Expanded comm unications cash in ones chips Recent experiences in the war on act of terrorism have emphasized the need to align battlefield movements with quick and easier communication (Tyler, 2008). Future communications will therefore have further geographical reach compared to the scope of current communications. The currently limited reach of communications poses a bigger problem to command and control between forward deployed units and those that are in the rear (Bullock, &Marshall, 2011). Current technological weaknesses also impede proper communications with troops

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