Thursday, May 30, 2019

How The Web :: essays research papers

The internet is a great invention because it makes things a great deal easier for us nowadays. It is too ministrant in many ways, especially, in the way of convenience. Rather than go somewhere to pay your bills, you can just do it online with a credit card. You can also check your bank statements and find out where you stand financially. These argon example of good ways that the internet helps out in the world. I would have to hold with David Rothenberg when he says that the web is ruining students research papers. If I was a collage professor and I were to see that all of my students papers seemed so fake, I would be devastated. When the internet is abused to the point where it is used for just anything will affect the loss of originality, laziness, and students reading less.While students ar in collage, they do many research papers on certain topics. Most of them dread doing these kinds of papers because the numbers of pages are high. They are also duration consuming and tha t is a big issue to a student because we all have our own lives, most of us, as we know, never have much condemnation to spend on just a paper. So, most of the students in college try to do the easiest thing, like resort to just the internet. There is a very cardinal term that is used in college a lot, that term is called Plagiarism. If any student turns in a paper that is plagiarized, they are kicked out of that college and given a orotund fine. The internet plays a big role on this word. So many people are victims of plagiarism because they only use the internet and forget roughly using other sources like encyclopedias, books, and newspapers. Back then, it wasnt a problem, but nowadays people just what to do things the easy way. Secondly, since the internet is revolved nearly everything we do, students have now become lazy. Most of the world advertises that school assignments must be revolved around computers even librarians say this as well. The more our engineering science develops in this world, the easier everything becomes. Nowadays, its about what makes your life easier and more convenient and I think there should be a change. On the internet there are so many short-cuts. Instead of reading carefully, and synthesizing, we do cut and paste, change the font size, and readjust the margins.

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