Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Three Strike Laws Essay -- Law Laws Argumentative Persuasive papers

triad Strike Laws Mandatory minimums and trine light upon laws, argon they re eithery the answer to the crime problem America has confront for years? Many would say yes, including me, as long as it is for a violent crime such as murder, rape or fire-raising some feel that even theft, drug trafficking or possession, and burglary are all worthy of the 25-to-life sentence that erect be carried under the authorisation minimums for collar glisten laws. A three-strike law is a law that states that you will be sentenced to 25years to life for three violations and convictions of a law. Where the three strike laws have mandatory sentences, mandatory sentences arent always tied in with three strike laws. A mandatory minimum is a law that requires someone aid a predetermined amount of time in prison for limited offenses and the only way to have it reduced is by assisting the authorities in further convictions of others. In California a man was sentenced under the three stri ke laws for theft because he had two prior convictions. This man had been convicted of looting and attempted robbery therefore the slice of pizza he purpose got him 25 years to life in prison (Lungren Trumpets Three Strikes Law). Yes now, in California, you can be sent to prison for life if you take a slice of pizza from someone.Lets talk almost how fair these laws are. Many say that these laws are used to profile African Americans and inner-city minorities primarily by the sentencing difference in rock and powderize cocaine. on that point is a difference in the two forms and how theyre sold. Cocaine can be bought and sold as powder or rocks, also cognize as crack or crack cocaine. The effects of each are essentially the same. People will get the same effects with powder as w..., Peter. Mandatory Sentences Putting the Record Straight Contemporary revue 270.1573 (1997) 57-61.Easton, Steve. Incarceration Aids Drug Fight. regular army Today 30 Sept. 20 02 password A11.Free, Jr. Marvin D. The Impact of Federal Sentencing Reforms on African Americans. Journal of down(p) Studies 28.2 (1997) 268-287.Goodwin, Catherine M. Determining Mandatory Minimums In Drug Conspiracy Cases. Federal Probation 59.1 (1995) 74-79.Heath, Erin. One-Track Justice. bailiwick Journal 33.34 (2001) 2614-2617.Locy, Toni and Joan Biskupic. U.S. Panel to Urge Change in Crack Penalties. USA Today 4 Aug. 2002 News A3.Stodghill, II, Ron. Unequal Justice Why Women have it away Worse. Time 2 Jan. 1999 50-52.Taylor Jr., Stewart. Good Pardons, Bad Laws, and Bushs unique(p) Opportunity. National Journal 33.7 (2001) 466-468.

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