Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Opposition to the Iraq War Essay -- Politics Government

Iraqi War Out of 50 citizens polled, cinque believe that the struggle in Iraq should continue.That is only 10%, of those polled.Not much, is it? What this poll demonstrates is that the mountain of the U.S.A. do not feel the war is helping. The Iraqi war is a very lively and on-going debate issue. The war has cost us many another(prenominal) people soldiers, reporters, civilians and insurgents. The best way to confront this problem is to have the Iraqi army in power and for our people to come home.This merciless war has claimed too many lives. CNN news reports that in December alone, the U.S. army has deep in thought(p) 3,000 American men and women. This proves that the death toll has overpowered the benefits claimed by President Bush. only if more people will die because of the war, an...

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