Saturday, March 16, 2019

My Life with Thoreau Essay example -- How Education Has Changed My Life

It was my high school teacher, Anna Shaughnessy, who introduced me to Henry David Thoreau. His Walden was not vox of the course of study. She asked whether I knew of this Massachusetts writer. I didnt. Without scaring me off by proclaiming how slap-up he was, she said he had lived and died in obscurity. But not care some romantic poet in a dusty garret. He had do all kinds of work for a living-been a schoolteacher, surveyor, pencil-maker, gardener, carpenter, mason, lecturer, naturalist, as well as keeper of a personal journal into which he wrote two meg words. Thoreau was born in 1817, about a hundred years beforehand you, Miss Shaughnessey said. But I think, when you read him, youll find his ideas, his way of facial expression at life, will mean as much to you as if he were born yeste...

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