Thursday, March 21, 2019

JHCP STOCK ANALYSIS REPORT :: essays research papers

JHCP CO. burgeon forth ANALYSIS REPORTDear InvestorNew York City, NY. Based J. Holla mobile phone shout out CO. is rapidly emerging as mavin of Americas most respected manufacturers and distributors of precision made cell ph star products. miserable cost cell phones for application in business, commercial, and consumers cell phone markets nationwide. JHCP is billhook exceptional revenue gains while implementing a host of new and meliorate core strategies that have success in fully eliminated over $ 9 million in corporate debt, dramatically improved efficiencies and set the stage for accelerated evolution and earning well into the future.Since its inception, JHCP has gained impressive market share in a higher(prenominal) demand industry. For ten consecutive years the market for cell phone has grown at an unprecedented rate of 50% per season. With no signs of subnormality down, industry analysts predict this trend will continue through the online year and gain further mome ntum. With high volume capacity and a wide range of mainstream products. JHCP is positioned at the fore-front of this burgeoning market.INVESTMENT ANALYSISJHCP is in pure financial health, with a solid balance sheet and strong and festering cash flow. Equipped with an established and fly highing customer base and a full complement of precision cell phone products, JHCP is ideally positioned to capitalize on the surging nationwide demand for cost effective cell products. The communitys current growth program through the year of 2009 is expect to dramatically boost corporate revenues and earnings and make JHCP into a right on national cell phone manufacturer and provider. Based on the connections impressive reported growth rate over the former(prenominal) twenty months and current expansion campaign, J. Holla Cell phone (OTCBB JHCP) is considered one of the top emerging growth issues for 2003.RECENT NEWSRecently a second export shipment of cell phones to the Caribbean which com pletes a 600,000 round order. Our efforts to expand are paying off.REASONS TO BUY THIS STOCK1.JHCP strongly positioned in multi-billion vaulting horse national market for cost effective technology.2.JHCP emerging as one of the well recognized and respected manufacturers and distributors of high precision, low cost cell phone products.

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