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Overpopulation: Research Paper Essay

Overuniverse Research Paper mental hospitalA. Noticing the devolve onuations of several(prenominal) volume in poverty, former(a)wise those deva bowd by natural disasters, pollution, crimes, etcetera we learn fix to conclude that the reason for this dumbfounding is fundamentally the rapid growth of population, and thus, with this mindset, we decided to uproot the cause further so as to be able to contrast it.B. The objectives of this enquiry argon 1. To make sight assured of the crisis of overpopulation 2. To lessen the number of commonwealth each(prenominal) year by making them aware(p) of the effectsC. Definitions of terms 1. overpopulation condition of having a life-sizer population than normal 2. kind-hearted resources- mint with ability and skill as the wealth of a nation 3. accommodate- to submit or supply for someone4. contraceptives- drug, medicate, chemical substance agent or device that keep spine impregnation 5. natural disasters occurrences in genius that damage poverty and operates 6. pollution soiling or killing nature 7. global stinting crisis- a depression a offer of unemployment and little or no change and investment over a bulky period of m in the ball 8. poverty- a state of being poor, with no money or dangerouss to support oneself 9. succumb- to transgress up to keep back in to something far more overlord 10. decline- a gradual decrease in strength and power of a nation declension 11. chaos- a state of disorder, confusion disorganisation of something one in disarray 12. prosperity- a state of success or well-situated flourishing financially and well-disposedlyD. information-gathering procedures 1. Interviews2. net profit ResourcesPresentation of Ga in that respectd DataA. Interviews1. Annabelle tee upFor me, overpopulation is non good because at that place pass on be more pollution and this volitioning result to more natural disasters forming almost the world. As you can see unspoilt instantl y, thither shake up been more grueling and deadly typhoons such as Ondoy accounting en rise the Philippines. Overpopulation, however, can result to some good things, such as our own sylvan will progress2. Richmond putOverpopulation is when there are more people than there should be. We must lessen the population of the Philippines (and the world) because we need to also put a s moderate to global warming. Since many another(prenominal) people arent fifty-fifty aware of this yet, it is meet more deadly. You see, there have been many natural disasters recently. I really forecast that overpopulation is magnanimous thus far our family is overpopulated *laughs*3. Izen LaoFor me, overpopulation will make our country pop offacious because there are a serving of pollution. Mas grabe pa nga sa U.S. eh *laughs* So thus overpopulation is deplorable.4. Jan Adrian ChanOverpopulation, in my opinion, has 2 sides the good and the bad. On the good side, with a greater population, w e have more people to help in progression. More people equals more men, and manpower means a lot to a country. Even if there arent many job opportunities here in the Philippines, workers, or OFWs, they whitethorn go abroad to work and bring back some money to enrich our de spicyrance. On the opposite hand however, too many people can cause several things such as traffic congestions, crime, poverty, pollution, etc.5. Ninyo VasquezOverpopulation can be good for the preservation and at the same time bad because there are demonstrable and contradict effects. I think thats it.B. network ResourcesIn a corner of the Yankee cemetery, Venanjo Sison is standing on top of a coffin and taking a bath. Like many separate of manillas residents, he is forced to perish wherever he can. His home is make of wooden planks and scrappieces of plastic.The capital of the Philippines is a truly overpopulated place. An average of 41,282 people live in 1 square kilometre in slum areas the rates b oot step forward to even 88,000 people in 1 square kilometer.For manila paper, people simply are running out of space. Some live in home-made shacks in cemeteries, railroad tracks or even under bridges. Some even take residence in harmful garbage dumps just to collar whatever food they can. A turgid percentage of the 11 million residents of Manila dont even have clean water to drink, proper jobs and medicine or education. With such a large population, our resources cannot accommodate everyone anymore.Charito Esponillas dream is to authorize her children an education. That is what her neighbour with only two children has done. however the Esponilla family cant afford to load their children to school. As it is, they have a backbreaking time making ends meet and when the family runs out of money, they are forced to live on the charity of neighbours.Our neighbours are so sweet, explains Charito Esponilla, period she washes childrens clothes in trinity large buckets of laundry . Sometimes they give us a little rice, precisely a lot of the time they are brusk on food just akin us. Then we have no other choice but to go sharp-set to bed. On those nights, its very backbreaking to fall asleep. The children cry and wake me up all night long. that I dont have anything to give them. What can I do?Even though Charito Esponilla loves her seven children, she doesnt essential any more. Like most other Filipinos she doesnt use contraceptives, and never has. She has considered the birth-control pill, but she doesnt know much rough them and is afraid of what they might do to her body. inadequacy of information is one of the main causes of Philippine overpopulation. Dr. Emily Bernardo, the leader of a family-planning unit at the public Jose Fabella Hospital in Manila, says, The poorest social groups are incredibly ignorant. They dont even know how a cleaning lady becomes pregnant. Some of them believe they are unfertilised while they are so far breast-feeding their new-borns and others have never even heard of saloon or contraceptives. Others are still panic-struck of unknown side effects. Thats why women keep having more children, even though they n any want to nor have the stinting means to provide for them.The Catholic Church, however, is against Dr. Emily Bernardo and the midriff for family planning. They are against abortion, sterilization and all other forms of contraception, and even sexual education. Women are advance instead to guess their egg troll to prevent pregnancy. Being a very religious country, the Philippines and its government policies are still influenced heavily by the Church. A lot of governmental campaigning on legal profession of pregnancy and sexual education never pushed through due to this influence.Interpretation of DataBased on the conducted interviews and the process of surf the Internet for the data we gathered in this research, we have come to see many points of view concerning the national or alternatively worldwide issue that continues to be an change magnitude problem in society. Overpopulation, as we now see it, has conflicting good and bad effects to the community. On the one hand, having a lot of people means more humankind resources, which would be very multipurpose for further growth of national wealth. But on the other hand, the strain on economy and natural resources will be too much for the Philippinesand eventually the all Earthto detainment, and the world may be left in poverty and chaos, and human will be left to the clemency of what our once more peaceful world would become.We do not only look on this, though. We can also see that twain sides are only possibilities, meaning they may potentially not happen at all. It all depends on what we, as the people, do about our situation. Even if we have manpower to support the nation, the country could still fall into depression if this manpower is not employ efficiently. If most Filipinos in their working age, if not all, do not have jobs and sit idly in the streets, definitely the economy would fall. If we take full advantage of the particular that we have a lot of human resources, we may just prosper. Even if we suffer from a global economic crisis, we could either succumb to the continual decline, or we could try to counteract the problem. After our endeavors, only time can tell what would happen after. How we handle our problems could mean all the difference between prosperity and chaos.Insights Based on equanimous DataBig Ideas All things, no matter how good or bad they may seem, have both positive and negative sides to them. Its not so much as what problems we face as how we face them.Sources/BibliographyInterviewsAnnabelle tee up and Richmond Tee parentsIzen Lao close friendJan Adrian Chan schoolmate and insightful peerNinyo Vasquez friend from Mindanao

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