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'Reading habits Essay\r'

'A habit is a r push throughine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to hap unconsciously. Habits target be categories as either intimately habits or unskilled habits. Bad habits ar oppose behavior pattern. Examples of bad habits be gambling, smoking, overspending, and procrastination. Whereas, favourable habits be behavior that is beneficial to sensation’s animal(prenominal) and kind health and often linked to a high level of discipline and self-control. For example, regular exercise, equilibrize diet, and driveing atomic number 18 good habits.\r\nThe quote â€Å"We prototypal give birth our habits, and then our habits commence us” from an position poet, John Dryden. It means at stolon we atomic number 18 in control of our behavior and we can detect which habits we would same to practice. But, when we practice the habits, it will modulate our demeanor no matter it is good habit or bad habit. Thus, it is check for every unmatch suf ficient to foster the good habits and develop the bad habits. And, the best time to correct a bad habit is immediately. If you yield a bad habit like gambling, then it is better to retract it now before you become bankrupt due(p) to this bad habit. However, if you have good variant habit, you should handle this practice.\r\n indicant is the process of recognizing the written words and agnises their meaning. It is a complex interaction between text and proofreader. ref’s prior familiarity, experiences, attitude and langu compress along with are related to the indication process. citizenry can have their instruction through moderate, magazine, sweetspaper, and electronic displays such(prenominal) as mobile phones or e-readers. There are some(prenominal) benefits of interpret habits.\r\nReasons why reading habits is good and absolute:\r\n1. Expose to novel-fashioned things\r\nBy reading, we expose ourselves to unseasoned knowledge and information. We learn the impudently musical modes to light up a problem and new ways to happen upon our goals. Besides that, we also can develop our new hobbies through reading. For instance, when read cuisine book, it may influence our interest in cooking. We alter our knowledge in various ambits and expand our thinking to wider views. In addition, exploration begins from reading and deriveing. For example, a backpacker clams his travel experience by reading traveling magazines and understand more(prenominal) about the culture and purlieu of the estate before his exploration from one country to an new(prenominal) country.\r\n2. ego-improvement\r\nSelf-improvement is the improvement of one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own efforts. People can improve themselves by practice reading habits. Reading habits suspensor us to build self-confidence. It helps us to become a better person. We improve ourselves by reading newspaper, novels, and diachronic books. alone th e books we read will be the assets in our mind. And, reading variety of books also known as one type of investment on ourselves. finished reading, we create a structured path towards a better understanding of ourselves and know the better choices to make in our life.\r\n3. Mental stimulation\r\nReading helps to solemnize our brain active and prevent it from losing power. That is beca spend brain is functioned when we are reading. Sometimes, we also need to think and try to understand what we are reading. The reading process is the good way to stimulate our mental and enhance our cognitive mental index. Thus, reading habits can prevent older age diseases and slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s.\r\n4. Stress decrement\r\nReading habit is a relaxing hobby. People choose to read when they feel stress and strain from their routine work and daily life. For example, reading a well-written novel can transport the reader to other realms. It can take you away from reality and b olt out away the pressures. many an(prenominal) people prefer to read a book and forget every their cares and worries for a while as they experiences and enjoy the peace and quietness through reading.\r\n5. Stronger analytical and thinking skills\r\nWhen read an fearful mystery novel, we put on analytical and life-sustaining thinking skills throughout the reading. We improve our ability by analyzing the plots and try to figure out the developing plot or mystery. Sometimes, the writer use high-context in their writing. As a reader, we need to analyze the deeper meanings behind the tarradiddle. every(prenominal) story gives different learning outcomes and it depends on how the reader analyze on it.\r\n6. Boost imagination and creative thinking\r\nBooks are beyond imagination. It likes a Brobdingnagian roamer web, where you keep linking to more new things and knowledge. By practicing reading habits, we expand our thinking from a narrow locomote to wider angle. We explore a d ifferent perspectives to assemble the things and understand how different actions lead to different results. Reading is lively for children to develop imagination and creativity. Fairy tales in the story book give the children to imagine what going on in the story although it is not happened in reality.\r\n7. infract writing skills\r\nThe more you read, the more words you moving-picture show to and the more you understand about one thing. The phraseology words and knowledge in certain field improve our writing skills. People come out with legion(predicate) ideas when they read more and know more vocabulary. For them, writing an essay indoors a gyp time just a piece of cake.\r\n8. depot improvement\r\nReading improves the memory board and helps to exercise and hitch up your memory powers. When we read, the reading materials will enter our memory system and when we equal to remember back what we reading before. The reading habits improve our memory and enhance our ability to memorize things. For instance, students read the reference books during exam and able-bodied to memorize the important points when they are sitting for the examination. sidereal daytime by day, their memory ability is improved and they able to apply what they learned in their daily life.\r\n affair Growth of Hussain by reading habits\r\nBased on the case study, reading habits help Hussain to grow red-hot in the fear world. Initially, Hussain sold cocoa in the market every morning in golf club to earn income for his family. Due to his unique habits of reading, his uncle offered a classical book for him to read. subsequently Hussain finished reading the book, he got an offer from an old man to take that book at double price. For gaining more money, he bought 2 more copies of the same book and managed to sell them within three hours. He noticed that people are in need of good books. Hence, he opinionated to sell books along with his chocolate business.\r\nWhen Hussain rea lized the kale earned from book sales much better than the chocolate sales, he invertped his chocolate business. He distributed free chocolate as the marketing strategy for his new business of selling books. He was a good reader as well as a good trader. He bought the books from flyspeck hawkers or vendors and successfully sold the books with double profits. He restrained practices his reading habits while selling the books in the market. However, he faced the problem of lacking a frequent to keep all the books.\r\nHussain was an ambitious person. He looked at things differently by believing the book sales can gain more profits in the future. He asked his uncle to convert his father’s stigma workshop into a bookstore. He owned his bookstore and it was the first bookstall in that area. This made him became the monopoly in that market since he is the sole bookseller at at that place. No competitors and competition with others for his business.\r\nBesides that, Hussa in knew his products well. He had good knowledge of all the available books in his bookshop. In addition, Hussain able to answer his nodes questions regarding any book in his bookshop. This ability increased the customer satisfaction and encouraged their consignment to his business. Hussain managed to build good relationship with the customers and retain the customers for their abutting chitchating to his bookshop.\r\nHussain had a kind personality and behaved like a sophisticated person with his teachers. His teachers used to visit his bookshop and became his valuable customers. By helping teachers to buy gifts near his bookshop, he got the inspiration of providing additional products in his bookshop. He expanded his bookshop’s products from books to gifts such as notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. Thus, his business started to satisfy all the schools’ of necessity and he became popular in many schools.\r\nBy signing a contract with his uncle, Hussain get his new sto res. He was able to buy in bulk and became the main supplier of books to many schools. Moreover, providing the schools’ needs led him to think of the students’ needs such as bags, ruler, erasers, and sharpeners. Therefore, Hussain converted the bookshop apprehension to a wider concept where all the schools’, teachers’, and students’ needs were met. He expanded his intention markets to teachers and students.\r\nUnfortunately, Hussain lost his bookshop due to a monstrous fire which caused by an electric short circuit. After his secondary education, he restarted his business of supplying educational goods. Hussain employed ii assistants to help him run for the bookshop business. His business started picking up and received huge demands from many schools due to the good location of his bookshop where it closed to various schools. The strategic location of his new bookshop was convenient to the customers and be the success grammatical constituent o f his business.\r\nAt the same time, Hussain applied to work in the government as a store keeper. He could convince his sponsor to supply the needed mathematical function stationery at a low price. Since there was no specific buyer for the stationery with good system in servicing orders and delivering products, Hussain’s bookshop became the only slur supplier for the government services. Many government departments, offices, and companies became his valuable customers. Thus, the high growth in demand led four times expansions to its first size of the business.\r\nDue to the need of money to brood the purchase in bulk from China, Hussain decided to sell his bookshop. When Hussain solved his financial problems, he established his new company for office supplies near the bookshop. He intercommunicate all his previous customers about his new plectron of setting up a company which specialize in stationery. He left his job as a store keeper and rented a small office equipped with fax and telephone. His employed two workers and found an appropriate store in a cheap location near the office.\r\nThis channel cut down the cost to the lowest. He started to buy stationery abroad. By applying JIT techniques, his company’s revenues and profits increased dramatically. The customer service was well managed and the company focused on wholesale orders. Hussain leased back his ex-bookshop at a lower rental price. He reopened the bookshop in an innovative way by providing all the educational products required by man-to-mans.\r\nHe closed the new office and relocated it inside the bookshop. The bookshop served individual customers, whereas the office served wholesale orders. By doing so, Hussain’s business served for both types of customers. Moreover, the products were displayed in the bookshop and facilitated the wholesale buyers to see the products physically and test them before taking orders. The reward of testing the products created value added to his business.\r\nFurthermore, Hussain be the first who use the new technology that just entered into the country. He bought the electronic computer with Windows95 for reducing transaction time. It is a solution to founder all customers’ data, accelerate the delivery of customer’s orders, and get typed invoices. Hussain managed to achieve his dream of converting bookshop into a big company for office supplies. Hussain felt that he could provide new office equipment such as photocopiers, printers, and other related devices.\r\nIn conclusion, Hussain’s reading habits help him to go through all the challenges and struggles in his life and make him grow faster in the business world. His business grew from the initial small chocolate business to a big company for office supplies with new technology. Hence, books are forever friends to human. Reading habits change the life of Hussain as well as his business.\r\nAll leaders and successful people never fall apart reading. That is because the day we stop learning is the day we stop growing. There is a quote from an American academic, Charles W. Eliot, â€Å"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends, they are the most genial and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” The reading habits definitely can give benefits and grow us up from day to day. Thus, we should make books be our loyal friend companion.\r\nReferences\r\ Ambitious.\r\nRetrieved from array/ambitious frenzy.\r\nRetrieved from Goodreads. Quotes about reading habits.\r\nRetrieved from (23 July 2012). How can reading habit make a difference in our lives? Retrieved from Inspiration Boost. (n.d.). 8 Reasons Why Reading is so important. Retrieved from Self Help 4 Self Developmet. (n.d.). Relax and have intercourse the Many Therapeutic Benefits of Reading. Retrieved from Lana Winter Hebert. (n.d.). Ten Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day. Retrieved from\r\n'

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