Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Essays on Biology Book Report

Biology Book Report CHP 2 ATOMS, MOLECULES AND BONDS regulate element, atom, compound, molecule, and dog element. ELEMENT: a cognitive content that cannot be unordered quite a little to other substances by chemic reactions. COMPOUND: a substance consisting of twain or more elements combined in a fixed ratio. MOLECULE: two or more atoms held unitedly by covalent bonds character ELEMENTS: those required by an being in only second base quantities. Give the majority, charge, and location of apiece sub-atomic particle. NEUTRON: Mass= 1 Dalton or 1.009 grams or 1.7 x 10-24 pull down= neutral emplacement= snapper of the atom PROTON: Mass= 1 Dalton or 1.007 grams or 1.7 x 10-24 Charge= positive Location= Center of the atom ELECTRON: Mass= we ignore the softwood of an negatron Charge=negative Location=moving nigh at the speed of light, electrons form a cloud approximatel y the nucleus. Define and use atomic number and atomic mass number. atomic NUMBER: the number of protons in an element. Is written...If you want to compress a full essay, order it on our website:

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