Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bruce Lee

bumptiousness derives from assertive mean valueing: style of demeanor is to move with mass while standing up for their rights. Assertive people nominate the following characteristics: they feel free to channel their feelings, thoughts, and desires they survive their rights, and they have control over their anger. It does non mean they slim down this feeling. It means that they control it for a moment and then(prenominal) discuss it later(prenominal) in a logical way. They have a dandy understanding of feelings of the person with whom they are communicating. In many aspects of Bruce leewards curt life he lay outed assertiveness a great hand out and it helped define him as a person. For manakin as lee(prenominal)s glory grew his warriorlike arts prowess often brought on light conflicts a number of street thugs, impede men and soldierly arts otioses, all hoping to make a name for themselves (2006). For the more or less part Lee defused the challenges without fleck, but at times matt-up forced to respond to several glum individuals. In unrivalled incident while take awaying land the Dragon Lee was continually taunted by one of the film extras. The extra claimed as he yelled that Lee was a movie star, not a martial artist, that he wasnt such(prenominal) of a fighter. After the lash out of taunts persisted Lee asked the extra to give way up from where he was sitting and face him. The extra was a good martial artist from Hong Kong and also was fast, strong, and bigger than Bruce. Lee quickly took the extra apart. After his victory, Lee gave his opponent lessons on how to improve his fighting skills. His opponent, now impressed, would later say to Lee, You real are a master of the martial arts (2006). In this scenario Lee show his how much of an assertive leader he was... If you want to spring up a full essay, order it on our website:< /a>

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