Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wake Up Call From Katrina

Wake up call from Katrina Trouble the Water is non barely depicted hurricane disaster in New Orleans, save withal delivered the message about loving and political anxiety inwardly the US society. Based on the story of hurricane Katrina dupe: Kimberly and Scott, the hunt down clearly addressed prejudice over racecourse and social manakin concern within the US society. Moreover, the film receptive how Federal and Local giving medication turn their can buoy on its poor, old, suspensorless, lower class citizen when they needed Government dish the most in order to survive before and subsequentlyward the indwelling disaster. It was very sad to see mountain who had no help on time during hurricane attack. According to the film, there is no globe transportation to evacuate the city. Apparently, Federal and Local organization did not set any purpose for low class batch who cannot relocate by themselves. Government authority knew that they were heap were odd behin d in their resident but they reasonable handle them. Ironically, New Orleanss mayor, Ray Nagin plead that he hoped every clay would tolerate but how come people could leave to safer place without transportation. Moreover, the State and Local government did not touch on sound safety plan for their civil before and after the hurricane tragedy. After Katrina, there was no effective rescue plan for Nine Ward community until dickens week later. there was not enough housing or camps for the survivors. According to the film, the government authorities treated weak and frame people akin a trash. Kimberlys grandmother was never been evacuated from the hospital and her body had not cleared after cardinal week after the storm. The Government authority treated the analogous with the people from the prison house. When the storm hit, the deputy left the prisoners with no food, water or anything. I was surprised that they had time to consider out the TV from that prison but how abo ut not having consideration of leaving foods! or water for the prisoners. Everybody should treat everybody exchangeable human no matter...If you penury to get a exuberant essay, order it on our website:

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