Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Demographics And Immigration Of Foreign Health Professionals

Demographics and immigration of foreign health professionals tell us¦          demography being the science of people is concerned with everything that influences or bottomland influenced by population size, distri scarcelyion, process and structure or characteristics.         With the pardon of the new census data a number of hump argon now reality. In Shifting landscape, written by Susan Mitchell, she goes into detail concerning the nursing profession and minority treatment in California. In her article she discusses the shift that is continuing to occur in California in terms of racial breakdowns. This shift stern be found in other states as well. The minority break down may not be as prevalent as the breakdown in California only when it exists none the less.         As you can see from the graph by 2020 39% of the population of California pull up adventure be of Hispanic Origin, 15% will be of Asian/Ot her descendent, 6% Black and 40% face cloth. October 9, 2000 Graph: Marcela Navarrete-Jibaja                  By 2020, Californias Hispanic population will nearly equal its White population. With this in genius the types of treatment as well as the types of disease will require an adjustment on checkup treatment.
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For example, Pacific line populations dupe more(prenominal) new cases of hepatitis and tuberculosis, and Vietnamese women mother higher(prenominal) pass judgment of cervical cancer, according to the Department of wellness and human race Services Healthy People 2010 report. Indi ans and Filipinos have high rates of cardiov! ascular disease.1 In entree Hispanics contribute some diseases more profoundly than other populations, perhaps because they be less medically savvy. Hispanics who have conservative gender roles are less apt(predicate) to use condoms; Hispanics account for one-third of new human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome cases diagnosed in 1998?up from one-tenth in 1985.2 In addition to the change of the racial make-up of the join States you have the senescent population. At present the elderly catch up with the fastest... If you want to fuss a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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